A List of the Best Parks To Visit in Decatur, GA

Glen Lake ParkEver year there are more than seventy million people who visit any of the tens of thousands of parks scattered all over the country. And why wouldn’t they? The parks here are not only very well maintained, but they’re also very special and each and every one of them has something unique, something of its own that makes people want to come back and visit them time and time again. While it’s true that some parks are indeed more impressive and beautiful than others, you are definitely going to have a great time visiting any of the following Decatur parks.

Glen Lake Park

Glen Lake Park is a place that’s visited quite often and that’s because this is a family oriented, very well maintained and clean recreational park. Some of its amenities include a large playground where both toddlers and bigger kids can play, a small bridge over a creek, a few pavilions, a basketball court and a few tennis courts. However, that’s not all. In fact, Glen Lake Park also features a little rock wall and many baby swings which are perfect if you have a baby and you’d like him to have fun here. If you take a closer look around the park, you’ll also notice a trail where people can walk their kids in strollers and run with their dogs. Therefore, if you’re looking for a park that’s expansive, well maintained, fun and has plenty of amenities, Glen Lake Park should certainly be on your list.

Cresthaven Parkadair park

Cresthaven Park covers a massive eighty three point seven acres and has some really great amenities that not many parks in the area feature. To include some of them, they are picnic tables, a pavilion, benches, 2 tennis courts, a basketball court, a parking lot, a drinking fountain, a concession stand and also restrooms. Since this is a neighborhood park, you can have the peace of mind that this place is going to be very animated, especially in the weekends.

Kiwanis Park

Located in the W. End, on the corner of Macon and Redwood Street, Kiwanis Park features a set of signs for kids of various ages, but also comes with 2 separate playgrounds. There’s also a playground specifically designed for older children and one for toddlers and there is also plenty of room for safe running and gross motor play. On top of that, the park features a large pavilion and a few walking paths which are great for taking a long afternoon walk in the company of friends or family. Also, given the fact that local moms rate this place 4 out of 5 stars, it definitely says a lot about how special it actually is.

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