Exploring the Sporting Activities in Decatur

sportsDecatur is a small city that is located in northeastern Georgia. It was named after US naval hero Stephen Decatur. This small city has more than its share of culture with many fun sporting activities for all ages.

Decatur, Georgia serves as home to pro sports such as Hawks, Falcons, and Braves as well as championship-level golf, premium level sport and motorsports. At the Decatur Park District, you will find team sports such as softball, basketball, volleyball, and soccer. Equally, there are individual sports such as tennis, running and rock climbing.

Swimming in Aquatic Pools

poolThose looking for a fun and safe family environment can be sure to visit Decatur Pools in Georgia. There is a variety of summer aquatic programs at pools such as Ebster Pool, Glenlake Pool and McKoy Pool. The pools present a great place to host graduation ceremonies, swimming competitions, parties, and reunions.


Fans of athletics will find ideal locations for this sport at Glenlake, Oakhurst and Mead Road parks. There is an athletics program that offer many opportunities for youth and adults to be involved in athletics all year round. The youth athletics programs focus on enhancing the self-esteem of every participant while striving to develop the fundamental and sportsmanship skills of participants . Adult athletics offers men and women aged above 18, a safe and fun environment to relive their youthful days through various league sports and neighborhood tournaments.

Walking tours

Decatur, Georgia has different walking tours for people interested in walking and seeing the sights of the beautiful city. The county routes and key points of interest are presented at the recreational centers. The self-guided tours are designed to promote walking as a safe and convenient exercise and sport for those interested in touring the historical points of interest.

Biking Decatur Bike Run

Georgia continues to make infrastructure and programming improvements to increase the safety as well as the prevalence of bicycling. In Decatur, there has been the addition of bike lanes and sharrows, bike safety training and bike parks. The county has seen a remarkable increase in the number of cyclists over the past years.


The Georgia community knows that running in Decatur is a positive experience on many levels. It brightens the participant’s moods, improves health and relieves stress, among other benefits. The City’s Active Living Department invites everyone who enjoys running to participate in this healthy sport and explore the neighborhoods.


Decatur Golf In Decatur, Georgia there are more than 150 golf courses, clubs, and schools as well as Masters Tournaments played each year at many gold clubs. The county has two golf course located in the community. There is the privately owned Bainbridge County Club that features and 18-hole golf course, with tennis courts, swimming pools and clubhouse. The county provides land, water, and financial support for this course, and golfers get a chance to enjoy this sport.

Boating and Waterskiing

In addition to fishing in this city, there are other outdoor activities for the nature-lovers. Water skiing and boating are favorite leisure activities in the area. There are numerous boat camps along the shores of Spring Creek and Flint River. The stocked fish ponds provide fishing opportunities as a sport.

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