Museum Centers in Decatur, Georgia 

field-museumHave you ever wished to break from the bustle and hustle of the city and just forget about the work blues? There is a big selection of attractions in Decatur to choose from, with each more awesome than the next. The city of Decatur boasts an excellent array of historically significant sites, entrancing cultural establishments and top-class theaters, parks, and museums.

When visiting Decatur, these are some of the famous museums which you should include in you must see list.

1.    The Waffle House Museum.

The Waffle Museum House is located at 2719 East College Avenue Decatur, Georgia 30030. It started in the late 1950s when two neighbors who were in need of a 24-hour restaurant came together. Today, the restaurant has been packed to make you feel as though you have been thrown back into the late years.

Additionally, the museum features the Waffle House memorabilia which has existed for the past 60 years. The museum is used to exhibit menus, uniforms, and vintage hats.

Most of the guest always confuses the museum for a coffee place due to their unmatched slogan we are smothering you with service. Notably, Waffle House is only open for appointment. Hence when you want to visit this place make prior arrangements for a meeting.

2.    DeKalb History Center Museum

The current exhibitions under this museum include:

•    Permanent collection of Decorative Arts– this new antique displays the sampling pieces from the recorded history of 70 years since the institution was formerly formed. Emphasis is mainly on antique furniture with a broad range of products being drawn from DeKalb County.

old-dekalb-county-courthouse-in-decatur•    Tears and Focus– this collection present the exceptional opportunity to view the available civil war collection and to consider the magnitude of such on a scale. The views are shown from a human focus point of view to aid you in conceptualizing the feelings from an individual perspective.

•    Food, fun, and fashion from the modern era– This presents a collection of Hayes photographs which contains a unique perception of food trends, fashion recreational diversion, and styles.

3.    The Golf Club

Located on the south side Decatur, the city is well known for sporting activities especially golf. It hosts around 150 games every year with great lessons being taught on how to play the game.

Most of the guests that come around in Decatur, GA visit the golf club just to have a glimpse of what is taking place at this iconic and magnificent city. The most scenic and enjoyable place to be at especially when you would like to have a great view of the ocean is by the hanging around the golf playing areas.

Planning on how and where to spend your time during leisure  helps you save a lot. Decatur, GA, apart from providing you with an enjoyable and culminating environment, it has an excellent museum which is not only kept as a hereditary monument but also act as an educative place for the growing generations. However, for one to reap a good harvest out of their visit to Decatur in Georgia, they need to have a well figured out plan to help in determining how they will spend their days.

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