Doing Business in Decatur, Georgia

doing business 2Starting a business in Decatur is relatively a simple process. The city of Decatur has the small town charm, but with big-city opportunities, and similar challenges. The city values locally owned restaurants and retail businesses that help in creating a unique character of Decatur’s different commercial districts. Many corporate and retail businesses have successfully opened in the downtown business district that blend with the various traditional, locally owned businesses.
Downtown Decatur prides itself as one of the largest and well-established walkable districts in Georgia. The city is jam packed with more than 200 storefront shops, salons, galleries, restaurants, services, and cafes. This makes the city one of the top destination for dining and experiencing the best of nightlife.

Starting a Business in Decatur

Do you possess what it takes to start your business? Most people feel they only lack money to start a business. Other feel they only need help with legal and tax issues. However, starting a business has more to do that these two factors. You will need some level of confidence and optimism on your abilities and obstacles ahead.
doing business 1Besides that, research on your market to the estate the demand your products and services will attract in Decatur. If you are looking for a market outside Decatur, decide on how to structure your business. The most feasible way is to set it online.

You can start a business in Decatur quickly with the right resources. However, you need to answer some questions. Decide on what kind of business you need to do, and the licenses you need to register your business with the state. Take a decision on the right structure for your business. You also need to learn about labor laws and where to obtain all the licenses for your business.

Starting a Company

In Decatur, limited liability companies, corporations, and limited partners are formed by filing with the Corporations Division. All foreign/out of state entities doing business in Georgia must submit with the Corporations Division. The Division will recommend consultations with the attorney and the accountant.

The Division also serves as custodian of the filings and provides copies and certificates of documents. However, the Corporations Division does not provide legal advice and does not have the authority to intervene when disputes arise between a consumer and business, or between businesses.

For retail and restaurants, the Decatur Business Association, DBA works with the business prospect to determine if your idea will be compatible with the marketing strategy of the City of Decatur. It will also provide you with the necessary demographic information needed to develop a business plan.

The Decatur Business Association may also advise you to contact the Small Business Resource Center in case your business concept is at its initial stages. Through a series of seminars and face-to-face consultations, the center provides you with help in writing a business plan, aspects of business loans, start-up requirements and business accounting.

Commercial Space

doing businessFor commercial office renting, the City of Decatur provides a top quality of life for clients and business employees. There is a lot of competition for Decatur’s office buildings and rental rates. Decatur makes walking to the office possible.

The downtown commercial district and other small neighborhoods are within an easy walking distance. In this downtown district, there are more than 600 new residential units that have been constructed.

The Decatur Development Authority (DDA)and the Decatur Downtown Development Authority are available to help any prospective business owner to locate space. The authority provides you with the demographics and marketing information you need to a successful business launch and progress. The Authority will also provide you with any assistance you need, including a guide to securing a business loan.

To set up your business, you need to operate legally. Select the legal format of your business which can be a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation or a limited liability company. If necessary, apply for federal and state employer tax identification numbers. Obtain all the proper licenses that apply to your business. If applicable, register a trade name.

Apply for worker’s compensation and other insurance from private insurance carriers. You will also be required to apply for trade names, trademarks, copyrights, and patents to protect your assets. You can engage and seek consultations from qualified advisers in the field of law and taxes.

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