Getting Around Decatur, Georgia: The Best Way to Travel the City

travelingGetting around in Decatur can be easy and comfortable than you may imagine. The public transport is safe and reliable. However, there are many other convenient ways to move around Decatur, be it through a limo service¬†,car rentals, tour buses, among others. You don’t to own a car to see the best of Decatur.
Decatur is located just minutes west of the Stone Mountain. It has easy access via the Ponce de Leon Avenue, the College Avenue, and the Clairemont Avenue. The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority provides three rapid stations within the city, including one in the heart of the downtown district.

Decatur city is the county seat of DeKalb and plays home to more than 200 restaurants, galleries, boutiques, salons, and service. At Decatur, you can enjoy the year-round calendar of events and festivals including arts festivals, concerts, craft beer festivals, book festivals, beach parties, wine parties and more.

The city has become a hot destination for young professionals who want great restaurants, hip bars, and walkable neighbors. It is also a top pick for families who are attracted to the excellent independent school district. In the 19th century, the city declined to become the railroad transportation hub for the southeast, and this resulted in the founding of Atlanta to its west.

Using a Limo Service

There are many wonderful transportation companies and limo service in Decatur, Georgia. When planning to tour a foreign location, transportation is one of those details you need to sort, and not leave such to the last minute. It is always good to plan to avoid traffic problems that may arise to last minute delays.

In Decatur, limo companies are quite popular for wedding, tours, parties, and proms. You can book a limo to take you around the city to see its beauty. If you are visiting the city in a group, it is a good idea to book luxury buses and shuttle instead of having your friends scramble for public transportation services.

Using Charter Bus Service

charter busIf you don’t enjoy traffic congestion and traveling in multiple public vehicles, then it’s time you pick charter bus services to handle your transportation needs safely and conveniently. There are large capacity charter buses that can accommodate a big group of tourists and friends as you tour Decatur. These tour buses are normally chartered for high school and college sports teams, school field trips, church groups and corporate events. They are ideal for large groups in need of transportation.

Using Car Rental

Renting a car is such a standard part of travel experience that you should include in your tour schedule. In Decatur, you can get a car rental which gives you a huge advantage as compared to having to wait for public transportation.

Additionally, you don’t need to pay for a taxi every time you are moving from one point to another. However, when going for a car rental, evaluate the hidden costs that come as a result of this form of transport.

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